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Our History

It all started in the kitchen!

In the early 1960's our family began making candles in the kitchen. It didn't take long for the mess we created in the kitchen to become a little too much for Mom. We were then sent to the basement to make our candles. From here we began to grow into a business and in 1966 my father, Edwin Coover, registered the House of Candles name. In the early years my father made and sold candles to many stores and brokers who then resold our products. At one time we were making candles for Sears nationwide! At the same time this was going on we were in the beginning stages of our retail store. We began selling candles to the public for our wholesale prices. Word spread that a little candle shop off the beaten path was selling quality candles at a great price. The demand from our customers was so great that we had to discontinue the mass production of candles for our wholesalers. Our focus was now fulfilling the needs of our retail operation. Today we are in the second generation of candle makers. Edwin's son Eddie and his wife Debra now own and operate the business. Here at House of Candles we still manufacture all our own votive, pillar, jar, and various other candle products here on the premises. If you have the chance you really don't want to miss our daily candle making demonstrations. We still do special orders and custom work for weddings, fundraisers, business functions, you name it, we will try our best to make it.